I never seem to be on the cutting edge of collecting. For example,
my antique salt and pepper shakers. As usual, I began acquiring
them after all the seasoned (no pun intended) collectors had long
gone on to more obscure things. So I think I got the last ten pairs
of shakers in the country. Nevertheless, a collection is a collection.

I love reading articles about all the interesting things people collect.
Some people have whole rooms in their house dedicated to dolls,
toys or pottery. Many homes are furnished entirely with antiques.

Magazine articles keep collectors in the loop. Whatever you collect,
the magazines we buy have valuable information about where to
find it, how to restore it and what it’s worth.

SCANALOG is the perfect way for collectors to collect all this
information. Just save these articles in our
Antiques & Collectibles
category—with eight Subcategories including
Furniture, Art, Shops,
China & Glassware
. And you can create up to ten New Subcategories
for all the different collections you have.

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