My sister and I tease our mother that her epitaph will read
“She Did A Great Wash.” My mother has always enjoyed
being a homemaker. She especially prides herself on her
laundry. (Don’t laugh. She does a really mean wash.)

We woman are homemakers, decorators, accountants,
gardeners, artists, mothers, CEOs, librarians, cooks and
copywriters, to name just a few of our specialties. It is all
work, and it is all rewarding.

And no matter what you do – from rocking the cradle to rocket
science – the magazines we buy have tons of articles about
women in every type of work imaginable.

SCANALOG lets you keep abreast of this vital career
information. Information that can intrigue you, inspire you, and
help you climb a few more rungs up that ladder. Just save the
articles you want in SCANALOG’s five Career Subcategories.

If your job is not yet your passion, you can make your own
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