It took me a while, (you don’t know until you try), but I finally
discovered that I can sew. My specialty: home furnishing sort
of things. Slipcovers, pillows, draperies. I think I got the sewing
gene from my Aunt Martha. But that’s it for me craft-wise.

My sister didn’t get the sewing gene, but she can do just about
anything else. She can stencil, paint, embroider, refinish furniture
and she even makes her own herbal creams, lotions and lip balms.
And while she may get her talents from genetics, she gets her
ideas from magazines.

One of the wonderful things about the magazines we buy is that they
are a forum for ideas and creativity. Pick up just about any women’s
service or home decorating magazine and you will find women who
have mastered the art of weaving, embroidering, painting, flower
arranging, doll making, furniture restoring and on and on.

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