I can’t tell you how many recipes I’ve saved over the years from
the magazines I buy. Many of them are now old, torn, and stained.

I even have this recipe for Italian Thumb Cookies my friend faxed
me awhile back (clipped, of course, from a magazine). But the
last time I baked them, they didn’t taste the same. I realized the
recipe had been sent on the old thermal fax paper and the last
few ingredients had literally disappeared! Too bad. They were
good cookies.

SCANALOG provides a much better way to save
your recipes. Our Food & Wine category has 14 Subcategories
that make saving, organizing and retrieving your favorites a piece
of cake. (Whether Three-Layer or Black Forest is up to you.)

Even when you’re not cooking,
SCANALOG feeds you the
information you need. You can use our Restaurants Subcategory
to keep the reviews of restaurants you want to try one day. If you like
wine, use the Wine Subcategory for those articles on where to find it,
how to store it and when and with what to drink it. (There’s a lot to know!)

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