Why is it that at the end of a long, cold winter we actually look
forward to pruning, raking, digging and planting? It’s hard work.
But we love it!

Maybe it’s because our lawns and gardens are outgrowths of
ourselves. Many of us find a deep sense of peace and creativity
as we care for them.

The magazines we buy are filled with ideas and information on
every aspect of gardening. And
SCANALOG allows you to save
it all. It has 13 Gardening Subcategories-from Shrubs, Perennials
Roses to Lawn Care, Tools & Equipment and Maintenance.
For specialty areas, you can create up to five
New Subcategories
you name yourself.

I recently read a great article about pear trees. I don’t have one,
but I certainly want one after reading this article. By scanning and
saving the article into SCANALOG’s Trees Subcategory, it’s there
when I finally decide to get my pear tree.