When I was a teenager in the mid seventies, practically the
only source for information on health and sexuality was a
book called Our Bodies, Ourselves*. It was actually quite
revolutionary at the time. My friends and I couldn’t really talk
to our mothers. Not just out of embarrassment, but because
much of the information in Our Bodies, Ourselves* was a
revelation to them, too!

Back then you couldn’t pick up a magazine and read about
women’s health issues. Today, there are articles every month
about sexuality, birth control, menopause, body image, illness
and nutrition. The editors and writers of women’s magazines
do an incredible job of researching and reporting on the issues
that concern us most.

SCANALOG, in turn, does an incredible job of storing this
information in a way you can easily find and use.

SCANALOG’s Health & Beauty category has nine Subcategories
in which to save articles about such topics as Growing Older,
Exercise, Mental Health,
and Natural Healers. You can also

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