I often hear women say they don’t know how to begin to choose
colors, furniture or fabrics for their homes. Well, any of us can be
our own interior decorator. Just look through magazines.

The magazines we buy are full of wonderful decorating ideas that
can become the inspiration behind the comfort and beauty of our
own homes.

Simply pull out the pictures and ideas that appeal to you. Scan
them into
SCANALOG and soon you will have your own library
of rooms full of colors, fabrics and furniture that you love.

SCANALOG to keep those pictures of your ideal kitchen
and appliances in the Kitchens Subcategory. Save the article
about that porch you want to add onto your house next spring
in Porches & Patios.

With our 13 Subcategories-including Paint & Wallpaper, Window
Treatments, Fabrics & Linens
and Plans & Designs-as well as
the five New Subcategories you create and name yourself, you

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