I, personally, have no immediate plans to replace my toilet flange.
But I recently read a terrific article about just that. So I scanned it
Plumbing & Heating in the Home Maintenance category of
SCANALOG. You never know. One day I just might need it.

The fact is, whether you live in a house, apartment, or condo, there
is always some kind of maintenance to be done. And for everything
that needs to be painted or patched up, cleaned or cleared out, there
is advice out there on the best way to do it.

The magazines we buy have dozens of articles every month on how
to build, fix and maintain almost anything in our homes. There are
even entire magazines dedicated to renovating, repairing and
rejuvenating the place we live.

SCANALOG gives you nine Home Maintenance Subcategories in
which to save this helpful information. Scan the article about laying a
brick terrace or adding on a Great Room into Projects. (Depending
on how you look at it, maybe all those Home Maintenance articles
should be saved in Projects
.) Or create up to nine New Subcategories

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