Parenting today is a tougher job then ever before. Let’s face it, from
the minute we become parents our lives get a lot more complicated.

We change instantly. Whether we’re working mothers or stay-at
-home moms, the demands on us are overwhelming. We get
opinions on parenting from our own mothers, or well meaning
friends. Advice is coming at us from everywhere.

Our magazines provide us with a sort of informative calm in the
midst of this parental storm.
SCANALOG lets you take all this
valuable information you’ve purchased and easily organize it.

In the ten Parenting Subcategories you can save articles about your
pregnancy, the development of your child, discipline, health, special
needs, mothering and education.

Special Needs to keep articles about your child’s particular
physical or emotional challenges. Or their special abilities.

Working Mother and Single Mother Subcategories are for
the information that helps single and working mothers cope.