More and more women today are turning to spirituality to balance
and deal with their stress-filled lives. And the magazines we buy
are right there with us, giving us fuel for our hopes and dreams.

As women, we love to gather and share information. The articles
we read help focus our energies on our spiritual health as we
learn of different ways women gather inner strength, learn to trust
their intuition and find peace.

In the My Spirit category,
SCANALOG provides five Subcategories
in which you can save these articles. To read again. To ponder. To
talk about with others. Use
Inspiration and Religion for those stories
and ideas that help you focus on your inner self. Use Love & Marriage
Family Life and Motherhood for all the wisdom about relationships
you find. And, since spirituality is such a personal subject,
gives you 13 New
Subcategories you can name as you wish.

Our magazines are published to inform us, guide us and support us
-and your
SCANALOG program is a place in which you can store
and organize all this information.

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