The first trip I ever took abroad was to The Cotswold’s in England.
My husband and I drove there from London. I’m proud to say, he
only clipped off one side mirror before getting the hang of driving
on the “wrong side of the road”!

Our destination was a little Tudor style bed and breakfast nestled
in the rolling hills and pastures of the English countryside. “Would
you like your afternoon tea served in your room or out on the terrace?”,
we were asked upon our arrival. We sat on the terrace in the warm
May sun, sipping tea and watching the sheep graze across the way.
We had arrived in one of those romantic hard-to-find places you read
about in magazines.

Guess what? I read about it in a magazine.

I found the article on The Cotswold’s a couple of years before and
saved it in case I ever went. At the time a trip to England was just a
dream. But then, most travel plans are just dreams, at first. They
begin long before you make any arrangements for an actual trip.
You read, research and collect everything about a place you’d