love to see, and, if you’re lucky enough, someday you go.
Searching our magazines in anticipation of traveling is
half the fun!

SCANALOG's eight Travel Subcategories will catalog the
articles you save as you plan that trip you’re going to take,
whether it’s someday or next month. Travel not only includes
a place for information about Transportation and Hotels &
, but Subcategories for those out-of-the-way
Restaurants, Inns & Vineyards.

It’s also a great category to take advantage of SCANALOG’s
Season, Holiday, Country feature. If you are planning a trip
to France, just enter France in the Season, Holiday, Country
box as you name your article. Then when you’re ready to travel,
use global Search to find any article that talks about France,
no matter what
SCANALOG category you’ve stored it in.

So bon voyage! And watch that side mirror!