It all started with my patio. My husband, being the good-hearted
soul that he is, was redoing it. He was well into the project – all
the flagstones were torn up – and I was trying to explain to him
my vision. He wasn’t getting it.

“There was this magazine article that showed just what I wanted,”
I said, “Now where on earth is it. . . ?”

Newton had his apple, I had a half-completed patio; because on
that day SCANALOG
software was born. I realized that there
was a need (in my case a desperate need) for an easy, convenient
way to store and catalog all the wonderful, invaluable information
that’s published every month in women’s magazines.

So, my idea was to create a CD-ROM program that would do just
that. In addition, it would be fun, easy to use, and beautiful to look at.

To make a three year story short; I developed the program, created
Scanalog Inc., hired terrific designers and programmers and Scanalog,
A Magazine Cataloging System
was born.