Magazine & Newspaper Clipping Goes Digital
Software eliminates the clutter of unorganized magazine and newspaper clippings and stores them on your computer

Brewster, NY, July 11, 2007 – While media professionals argue about the fate of print, consumers whole-heartedly continue to buy, read, and clip favorite articles from glossy magazines to local papers. SCANALOG is the only interactive CD-Rom that allows frequent clippers to scan articles, save them and actually organize them on their computer in 11 pre-selected master categories like Antiques and Collectibles, Food and Wine, and Parenting. For the huber-organized, there are an additional 102 subcategories within the 11 categories and the user can create an additional 95 subcategories of their own.
While reading a magazine, the user can mark a selected article with SCANALOG’s unique SCANTABS labels, which indicate in which category the article should be cataloged. Then the user scans the article, using their personal scanner, into the appropriate SCANALOG category. Clicking “Search” and using appropriate keywords will retrieve the article in seconds. For organizing digital and online content stored on your computer, Scanalog uses it’s unique “Retreive” feature. You can even import and organize photographs directly from your digital camera into Scanalog.