When I first created SCANALOG
software I had no intention
of actually selling it to people. I created it because I needed it

Every month I read a ton of magazines. And every month I
find a ton of information in those magazines that I want to
save. On everything from recipes to repairs.

Clipping the articles didn’t work. It took too much time to
organize and store them. And since I didn’t organize and
store them, I could never find them!

And that’s why I created SCANALOG

To put it simply, SCANALOG
is a CD-ROM software system
you can use to store, catalog and retrieve your favorite articles
from your favorite magazines. There are eleven Master
Categories in SCANALOG
that cover a range of women’s
interests, from Home Decoration to Gardening to My Spirit.

Why not take some time to look over the website. Get to
know SCANALOG and what it can do for you. I think you’ll
agree you need it every bit as much as I did.